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In many ways it feels strange to begin a blog devoted to food allergies. We have tried hard since Max’s diagnosis with multiple food allergies eight-plus years ago to minimize the effect on our lives and to make sure food allergies do not define him or us. It is what it is, and we don’t try to pretend it doesn’t exist but we don’t dwell on it either. So, in that respect, a blog doing just that seems unnatural.


Our timing here also seems off. Max is entering his tween years. He and his friends are just discovering the Internet. Max may soon not want to stand out in any way and may particularly not appreciate a blog discussing his medical conditions.


Still, from a very practical perspective, we have to feed him every day. Dairy is in a lot of foods. We have learned a lot of tricks and tips in the last 8 ½ years . Friends and acquaintances and friends of friends come to us for advice now. It would be great to have a central spot to send them rather than try to give advice and tell our rather complicated journey piecemeal over multiple emails or conversations.
We’ll give this blog a try and see how it goes. We’ll try to be especially sensitive to Max’s perspective, but we also want to share how we handle some of the emotional issues that come with food allergies in addition to recipes and menu ideas. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated. We’re learning here too.


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  1. Hello, and welcome! 🙂

  2. Having a child or children with food allergies is a journey for the entire family! My boys know that I write my blog to help others that may be struggling with food allergies, atopic dermatitis and asthma just like them. Over the years, they have adjusted to the fact that I will talk to anyone who is willing to listen about food allergies because I fully believe that the more people know the more compassionate they will be towards food allergies. I try to set an example for my boys…I don’t want them hiding behind their food allergies…I want them to see how open people really are when you just explain it to them. Our journey with food allergies will one day be theirs…they need to be prepared for that…I am trying my best to guide them towards that. susan H @ the food allergy chronicles


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