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A few weeks ago I stumbled on a box of imported dark chocolate covered figs at Whole Foods. It was surprisingly reasonably priced. Since dark chocolate is often dairy free and not often reasonably priced, I took time to check the ingredients on the label. Eureka! It was safe for Max. I have been trying to get the kids to try more fruits, and what could make figs more appealing then a chocolate coating.
The day to try them came sooner rather later, although I am proud to say they did make it to the pantry however briefly. As I expected, after a few questions, both kids were eager to give them a try. They didn’t love “love” them, but they liked them. Unfortunately that was not the end of the story.

A minute or two later Max said his tongue felt funny. Then it was the back of his throat that felt weird. We gave him a dose of Benadryl (so glad he swallows pills and capsules now) and waited. A few minutes later he was fine.

I looked over the box again and had an “aha” moment. The ingredients were indeed dairy free but the label said “Choco Higos: hand-dipped dark chocolate figs. Handmade in Valencia Spain. Imported by Forever Cheese LLC.” Between all the hands dipping and making and the cheese company doing the importing, I think we probably had some cross contamination issue with dairy.

It was kind of sad for Max, but it’s a relief for me when we can find an explanation. As discouraging as those cross-contamination reactions still are, not knowing for sure what caused the reaction is much more unsettling. I probably should feel more guilt about not suspecting he’d have a problem, but sometimes the risk pays off. That is why we have the meds handy.



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  1. Such an easy oversight to do! We get so excited when we find something that complies with our child’s food allergies…I know I had the same feeling recently on our trip to Stowe. We found many breads without dairy,egg and sesame ingredients…however, on further inspection I realized in the states companies don’t really state may contain disclosers for any cross-contamination issues. Of the 4 products we bought, only one mentioned the efforts they go to limit cross-contamination. That was the company I felt most comfortable with him trying although he did try the others…medication at hand! It can be so frustrating! Susan H @ The Food Allergy Chronicles


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