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“What do you feed him?” That is often one of the first responses we receive when we mention our son, Max, has a dairy allergy. I have yet to come up with a quick answer. In some ways, I always think the question deserves a bit of a snarky retort. “Old shoes?” Since I have (obviously) yet to come up with a good or even remotely funny retort and because I know some people are genuinely interested either because they know someone with a similar allergy or they just are empathetic or curious or both, we have started this virtual “diner.” It is in part an attempt to answer the question or at least give you a sense of the answer, but we’ll also discuss some of the emotional issues that we have found go along with food allergies, things like being slightly annoyed at having to answer “what do you feed him?” and how to handle class parties and birthday parties and vacations.  We’d love to make this more of a conversation than a monologue. Please feel encouraged to pull up a virtual chair, to comment, to criticize or to otherwise weigh in.


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  1. Hi again! Going backwards in your blog! Imagine the look I get when I tell people of my son’s multiple food allergies: dairy,egg,beef,sesame,fish,shellfish,peanut/tree nut,raspberry and mustard. (that one was just added) People are amazed when I actually can rhyme off food items…especially when I add in items that would normally contain dairy and eggs. I think another silver lining is that we eat alot healthier because we wouldn’t get turned off eating when reading unpronouncable and unrecognizable ingredients! Susan H. @the food allergy chronicles


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